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10 Best Dog Food Tips

How You Find Best Commercial Dog Food

10 best dog food tips – How you find the best dog food for you and your dog. DVM Per Schonbeck from Dog Nutrition Advice,best source of dog health and nutrition advice.
 10 Best Dog Food Tips

Below you find my top 10 personal tips for you: How to find your best commercial dog food for your dog. It should be a perfect mach both for your dog and you.

Here the are: 10 best dog food tips:

1. Ask Around

Ask other dog owners about their dog food. Let them tell you what they think are the best food. But you have to know why. So, ask the why they recommend their food.

This is important to do as it forces them to think. Not just have a opinion. That’s easy! Every one has opinions about this and that. But, it is often useless.

You need to know why. A reason why, so you can see if this is something important for you.

2. Any Health Concerns

Modern dog food do have a place if your dog have any health problems. It can be a disease in the stomach, liver or joint problems related to age.

To find best dog food, you should talk to your veterinarian. He will probably recommend one type at the visit when the diagnosis was made.

Ask why this particular diet is useful. Try to find out what is possible to gain. And what to expect based on the vets experience.

3. Price

This is important. Also the most difficult to know if the food is priced according to quality.

You are really the one to decide. First of all, maybe the price is not important to you. Maybe you are tight in your budget.

Be aware though, sometimes it is more expensive to bye cheap. It might cost you more buying a cheep food compared to one more expensive. Calculate how much it cost you per day. This is often much more accurate than only look at the price “on the bag”.

Very often the price is not that big calculated in this way. If you really find the commercial dog food the best, you might find it easier to find the money one way or the other now you see its not that much.

4. Company Spirit

Try to find out the philosophy the commercial dog food company has. Is it mainly a cash cow for the producer or is it genuine thinking on dog nutrition.

The net is perfect for this purpose. Look at the homepage and often they have written something on this. Easy for you to check it out in lot of dog food producers quit fast.

In my opinion it is very important that your beliefs should be found in the company’s belief. The chemistry should resonate well.

You can also try to find out if any problems in the past and how they dealt with them. Do they have at record being honest and concerned about their customers or not.

5. Type of Food

Dry or canned. Now you have frozen, dehydrated or raw as well. What kind of food do they make. Do you have more than one to choose between.

I am not going to discuss this in detail. But might be something you find important.

6. Availability

I got a mail from a dog owner seeking advice about dog food. One of her problems was she had a hard time getting around being disabled.

Important to take into account. It should be practical and possible for you to buy the food. No matter how good one food would be, not being able to get it home make it of no use.

In Sweden some companies bring the food to your doorstep. Many like this, and use the food because of this. So, it is important to think of for you as well.

7. The Dog Food Label

Ingredients in the food is important. Good quality ingredients (human quality meat and vegetables) cost more than connective tissue. This can still be counted as protein, but of less value because it is much harder to digest.

In general the food label should be more detailed. The ingredients should have a name, as i use to tell my clients. The source of protein should be named “chicken” or “lam” for example. This i much better compared than “protein from animal origin”.

The same with fat. It should have a species name, in order to tell you it is good quality food. These types of protein and fat sources are more expensive to use than “mixed” types.

Cheaper food do often have more grain, or other type of cheep fillers and non specific sources of protein and/or fat.

8. International Differences

I have experienced differences in the same food but on different markets.

Sometimes this can have a good reason, but when it comes to the preservatives i don’t see any reason other than profit. At the very best it is my very suspicious.

The web is perfect to check this out. It is a bit more demanding. Still possible. This can be seen as a company check as well.

Do they allow making a food, having the lowest allowed quality. Or do they only make one (good) quality food, working well all over the world.

Investigate and make your own judgement.

9. Money Back Guarantee

Money back should be possible for you if your dog don’t like it or any other problem arises testing it at home.

Maybe not after two months, but within a reasonable period. I think this is a sign of “good quality thinking”.

10. Your Dog

The worlds best food on paper, but not in the dogs taste. Well, the last quality control is …. Yes your dog.

Dogs can be difficult and sometimes it just needs time changing food. Not always, but often it depends on the motivation from you.

Don’t give up to soon. If you have found a good quality dog food and it has passed your examination, try it and hopefully it pass your dogs “examination” as well.

If it does then you have a perfect mach.

10 best dog food tips have worked well.

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