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General Factors in Finding Best Dog Food

Let me guide you in the process of finding the best dog food. I know for sure what the best food is because I am a vet…or is this really true?
I think you have to take as many known facts and different perspectives into consideration. Then, blend it with your own belief. Mix those two and you decide what the best dog food would be.
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If you find this difficult, the I have made this link to help you: 10 Best Dog Food Tips. Here I have made a list of what I consider the most important to take into consideration deciding what dog food would be the best.


Finding the best food according to age is important. Especially important in big and fast growing dogs. Feeding too much can have fatal impact on the joints. One patient of mine had OD in the elbow. No other in the litter had any problem at all. But he was fed unlimited and the growth rate was much to fast – result OD in the elbow. Right balance between energy and calcium is very important.

An old dog can have a health problem. Gradually they become more stiff in the joints. The sense of smell becomes lesser and perhaps some problems with the kidneys or liver appears. This put special needs on the nutrition and feeding habits

Dog Size:

Big or small dogs. No, they don’t have the same needs. Energy intake for example small dog needs 100kcal/kg a day whether a bigger dog needs 50kcal/kg a day. Smaller dogs have often more problem with plaque on the teeth. Bigger dogs often more joint problems. Important for bigger dogs not to eat to fast and big portions as this might be involved in the gastric torsion complex – so a lot of different factors.

In my practice often it seem that small dogs easier gets picky. They don’t want the dried food diet – they only like normal food. Well don’t they know what’s best for them? Or is there some other factor which might explain this? – More on this later.

Dog breed:

Labrador has certain problems. German shepherds other problems. Rottweilers has special needs and so on. Now, most of commercial dog foods has taken this to their heart. They have made exclusive dog food for certain breeds.

Dog Health Problem:

If this is the case or you are in any doubt – talk to your vet. Dog health problem is challenging and a lot can be done in prevention and treatment during nutrition. Diseases such as:

  • Heart diseases
  • Digestive problems
  • Liver problems
  • Diabetes
  • Canine Skin Problem
  • Pancreas problems
  • Age related Joint problems
  • Food Allergies
  • Obesity(if that’s a disease)

Can be dealt with giving the best dog food in each case.
Don’t forget this. Your dog should not become overweight, not too much tar on the teeth, happy and healthy and eat his food with good appetite.

Then, you do give the best dog food for your dog.

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