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About us

My name is Kathleen and welcome to dogregion.com! Thank you very much for visiting our site, I appreciate it! I live in California and I’m 26 years old! My family worked really hard on this site, so I thank you for coming here.

I wrote all the information on dogs. My mom is the one that came up with the idea of this website. She helped create this website. My brother is the one that put the website up. He also helped make Me dogregion.com. We all worked together and made this website. I hope you like it!

My name is Anthony, just another teenager living in California. Oh, and I also have a website called Me and My Pet’s Place. Let me be the first to thank you for checking out this site. Working on this site has taught me a lot about pets. I hope that it teaches you a lot, too! Enjoy!

Welcome to our website! My family and I started this site, so everyone can learn how to raise a healthy and happy pet. We have a lot of pets ourselves and we love them all! Each one of them have their own special personalities. Even my husband who wasn’t that into pets has changed.He is happier when he comes home and their is a dog there to greet him.

I was so surprised how dedicated my kids are in putting this site together. My daughter, who is 11 years old, wrote the things about cats and dogs and my son, who is 15, did almost everything else, which is not easy and I must say, they did a fantastic job! I’m very proud of them. I hope you will enjoy looking around our net site as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Hey, it’s Kathleen again! I’m really proud of this site and it makes me think of my dream, which is to have my own shelter and take care of all does little animals that neeed a home! My family inspired this site, especially all our pets! I love pets very much and so does my mom, which is why we have 18 of them! pomeranian

We have 2 dogs, named Garfield and Silvey. We also have a dog named Snowball and two birds named Sunny and Star. We also take care of 2 baby turtles named Sam and Diego and a crab named Mr. Crabs. We have 4 goldfish and a koi. My pets that I take care of are three hermit crabs, their names are coconut, pinenut, and hazelnut. These are the profiles of our pets that I wrote, please take some time to look at them